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Not far from Chez Mimi

Set off for an adventure on the roads of the Auvergne, to discover some iconic Cantal destinations.

Golf de Haute Auvergne
35 min

This golf course, in the heart of the Monts du Cantal, is rated three-stars.

Château de Messilhac
10 min

Visit this once-fortified château (built in the 13th and 16th centuries) in the heart of the Carladès area, and enjoy a surprising vantage-point.

Eglise de Pailherols
 10 min

A listed monument worth discovering, in a village – Pailherols – that is nicknamed “the little Lourdes”.

Rocher de Ronesque
10 min

This exposed basalt hilltop offers exceptional panoramic views of the Monts du Cantal and the Monts de l’Aubrac.

Rocher de Carlat
15 min

Once upon a time, Carlat fortress stood atop this rock. Enjoy an immersive virtual-reality experience (screen, headset and app).

20 min

Nestled in Cère Valley, Vic-sur-Cère was once a spa resort overseen by the Princes of Monaco.

30 min

At the foot of the Monts du Cantal, explore the Cantal’s capital and its rich heritage.

International street theatre festival in Aurillac  

Next edition: August 2021

10 min

This must-visit medieval town is the former stronghold of the Princes of Monaco.

Barrage de Laussac
30 min 

Behold this dam (once Europe’s largest) and the Laussac peninsula just upstream – great for water sports.

Église de Thérondels
20 min

L’église abrite le christ en bois sculpté XII° exposé au Quai Branly pour son exposition inaugurale.

Tournemire and Château d’Anjony

One of the Cantal’s most beautiful villages is home to this medieval fortress, built in the 15th century.

Monts du Cantal
40 min

Nature enthusiasts will love roaming around this hill range in the Parc Régional des Volcans d’Auvergne.
Remnants of the extinct volcano include: Puy Mary (1,783m), Puy Chavaroche (1,739m), and Puy du Peyre-Arse (1,806m).

Gorges de la Jordanne

A magical spot: the riverside footpath through the gorge – amid rock faces and vegetation – is accessible to all.


The only spa resort in the Cantal, nestled between the Monts du Cantal and the Plateau of Aubrac.


A medieval gem ranked among France’s most beautiful villages / Les Plus Beaux Villages de France.

Eglise de Jou-sous-Monjou
10 min

this church is a gem of Romanesque art, with outstanding sculpted decorations

Cascade du Capat
20 min

Located near the village of Malbo, this waterfall is on the River Siniq, which carves its way through the volcanic rock of the Auvergne.

Rocher des Pendus
25 min

This rock, near the village of Saint-Clément, is a volcanic curiosity offering unbeatable views of the Cère Valley and the Monts du Cantal.

Addresses for local culinary treats

Take a free-wheeling drive around the Auvergne and Cantal cheese route:

AOP Cantal 

AOP Bleu d’Auvergne 

AOP Salers

Download the cheese route map


• Le Panier Gourmand – chez Mireille – in Raulhac

• Maison Caldayroux in Aurillac

• Fromagerie Morin in Aurillac


Butcher’s and charcuterie shops

• Le Panier Gourmand – chez Mireille in Raulhac (Cantal)

• Maison Benechin Carlat (Cantal)

• Maison Grialouin Mur-de-Barrez (Aveyron)

Maison Mas in Rouget (Cantal)

Maison Laborie in Parlan (Cantal)

• Traiteur Puybasset in Mur-de-Barrez (Aveyron)

Home decor store

• Espace Carladez in Mur-de-Barrez (Aveyron)

Shops in Raulhac

• Bakery – Boulangerie–Pâtisserie Julhes

• Tobacconist, newsagent and post office – Delbouysse

• Garage (lead-free petrol and diesel fuel, repairs) – Cassant

• Two-star hotel – Auberge de Raulhac.

Walks departing from Chez Mimi

Here are some ideas for walks in the environs of Chez Mimi (links in French):



Rocher de la Mule


Randonnées dans le Carlades

By walk • By bike • On horseback